"Items that you can enjoy the KIMONO whenever and wherever"
After many trials and errors, we created hats from traditional Japanese kimonos.
Our greatest thrill is to see you wearing a kimono hat, where you at open cafe, nightclub and more.
All hats are 100% handmade by Japanese artisans.

Hats Material

Japanese Kimono

All hats are made from Japanese Traditional Kimonos.
Material is 黒留袖/ Black Tomesode (Formal kimono), 色打掛/ Color Uchikake (Wedding kimono) and more.

About us

Keiko Tagai was established in 2011. Based in Japan, we design and sell ladies wear, headwear, and more featuring a Japan's aesthetic.
Our goal is to spread Japanese culture across the globe through fashion and make people from all over the world enjoy Japan.