Kimono Beret

Fashion items that can feel kimono anytime anywhere.
We hope you can enjoy the Japanese traditional kimono in every location.

A Hidden Message

Kanji Design by Keiko Tagai

To express "modern woman who lives powerfully," we created an original kanji. The Venus symbol for female ♀ + two striking vertical lines above it that represent a samurai "kabuto" helmet + a wavy L-shape stroke for the kanji "shinnyo" that means "to advance." When these elements are combined, they depict a woman who decides to head into try against the ocean called life. With this dress, we hope to support women finding courage in the face of adversity.

About us

Keiko Tagai was established in 2011. Based in Japan, we design and sell bespoke modern dresses featuring a Japanese aesthetic.
Our goal is to spread Japan’s rich culture across the globe through fashion and make people from all over the world enjoy Japan.

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