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Bespoke Shop in Japan

Established the brand in 2011. We produce and sells bespoke dresses and headdwear. (Please click here for bespoke dress works)
Expansion overseas in 2019, started selling KIMONO HAT through this online shop.
Keiko Tagai is the world's first fashion brand that produces Hats(※)in traditional Japanese kimono.

(※) The hat means hat with solid structure such as boater hat or top hat (Updated 2021/2/24)

Designer Keiko Tagai

Designer / Artisan
Keiko Tagai

I'm working to create hats that you can enjoy Japanese style in daily life.

Keiko Tagai aim to make effective use of existing resources and pass on a better environment and Japan's traditions to the future.



Self-studied women's clothing pattern making, sewing, and design

2011 Established Jon Daliche

Making and sells bespoke women's clothing
Self-studied formal wear pattern making, sewing, and design


Company name changed to Keiko Tagai
Making and sells bespoke dresses and headwear


Expansion overseas
Started selling headwear specialized in Japanese style through this online shop