Keiko Tagai | Kimono Hats, Kimono Jackets, Japanese Fashion

Keiko Tagai designs and makes wear and headwear exclusively in traditional Japanese kimono.
All of our garments and hats are available in a wide variety of patterns, from uniquely Japanese traditional patterns dyed and embroidered to artistic patterns hand-drawn in gold leaf by skilled craftsmen.

Our clothing is designed for those who wish to look and feel beautiful, elegant, and strong.

Keiko Tagai provides individual garments and complete ensembles for the restaurant, the party venue, the salon, the night club, the red carpet and any other preferred location.
All of our items are available exclusively in our online shop.

If you have more specific requirements we also undertake commissions. Please feel free to contact us.

We hope you enjoy the traditional Japanese culture and sense of beauty in your daily life.

Keiko Tagai KIMONO HAT Designer

Designer/ Artisan Keiko Tagai

We sincerely hopes for the sustainable development of the declining kimono industry and will contribute to the industry by creating new kimono styles.


■ Russian state news agency 「Sputnik」- 2021/2/16

It was introduced in Russian media "Sputnik Japan". Keiko Tagai will continue to contribute to the kimono industry by sharing Japanese culture with the world and creating hats.

■「Tokyo Weekender」- 2020/11/19

It was introduced in Japan's oldest English information media for foreigners, "Tokyo Weekender".

■「SoreNews24」- 2020/11/5

It was introduced in the "SoraNews24" with the content that "Japanese fashion brand, Keiko Tagai turns beautiful old clothes into stylish hats."