Bespoke Shop in Japan

Bespoke Shop in Japan

Keiko Tagai was established in 2011. Based in Japan, we production and sales bespoke dresses and headwear. Our goal is to spread Japan’s rich culture across the globe through fashion and make people from all over the world enjoy Japan.

Designer Keiko Tagai

Designer / Artisan
Keiko Tagai



Self-studied women's clothing pattern making, sewing, and design

2011 Established Jon Daliche

Started design and production of bespoke women's clothing
Self-studied formal wear pattern making, sewing, and design


Company name changed to Keiko Tagai
Started design and production of bespoke dresses and headwear


Expansion overseas
Started selling headwear specialized in Japanese style through this online shop



The first time I thought I wanted to be a designer was when I saw the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show on TV as a child. I thought, "Wow, it's so amazing! Everything is so beautiful! I wonder how they make everything." My heart was racing, and I was so overwhelmed that I was speechless. That was the start of everything.

After graduating high school, while everyone else around me was advancing to university, I couldn’t continue my education due to family circumstances and ended up spending several years wandering without a goal for my future. Not willing to give up on my dream, the only road left for me was to study on my own and start my own business.

Right after I made that decision, hardships came. I was raising a child as a single mother while working part time. I used all my savings to invest in books published by fashion schools and buy designer brand items. I would take apart the items that I bought and use the books as references to learn about patterning and sewing. Then I would sew them back up and sell them to a pawn shop. I repeated this process — buying books and clothes — to continue my studies. There were a lot of people around me that made fun of me, but I thought "Get your act together!" and was able to turn that bitterness into the motivation to get me to where I am today.

Thinking back, I realize that it was because I had those experiences that I was able to gain the knowledge I have today. Now I receive more praise than I can handle from customers, such as: "I'm shocked by how much better this dress is than I could have ever imagined!" and "I'm glad that I came to you. Thank you."

And when I see my customers wear my clothing with a smile on their face, I think from the bottom of my heart and with true joy, "I'm so glad I did this!" I am a normal person just like everyone else, but my love and passion for fashion are second to none. 

There are many reasons why I decided to expand my business overseas, but one of them is to give back to the people all over the world who produce the amazing fashion that has given me my purpose for living. In return for the inspiration and awe I received from the culture, history, and art of every country, this time I, as a Japanese person, want to show the world the wonderful qualities of Japan.

I take pride in my work, so along with showing everyone my appreciation, I want to strive to be the one to give others happiness.