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Kimono Hat Collection

The kimono that once made vivid Japan is now asleep in the closet or is thrown away without being worn again. Keiko Tagai breathe new life into kimonos and are creating hats.
We sincerely hope that Japanese tradition will be passed on to the future.

100% Handmade

All manufacturing processes are done by hand, from kimono dry-cleaning to deconstruction to hats production. The types of kimono are casual kimono (Komon), formal kimono (Black-Tomesode, Furisode, and more), wedding kimono (Hiki-Furisode, Colored-Uchikake), and more. All products are handmade one by one by an artisan.
Please enjoy "Japanese style" in daily life.

What is a real kimono?

What is a KIMONO?

Over 1,200 years ago, the kimono became wholly Japanese from earlier Chinese influences. Before long, the traditional clothing was adopted by the samurai when going into battle. Each shogun leader would display his unique style in what he wore, resulting in a spectacle rumored to be as captivating as a fashion show today. The adoption of the kimono as a uniform eventually led to it spreading across Japan, increasing in value both as a fine art and craft.

Traditional Japanese kimono making story

Today, kimono is created through the combined efforts of many Japanese craftsmen. From creating the pattern, to basting, rough sketching, gluing the pattern and fabric, dying, steaming, washing, applying gold leaf, embroidering, tailoring, and more, there are approximately 10–20 processes — requiring craftsmen to combined their strengths to create a single kimono.

It takes decades to become a professional craftsman. Kimono is the result of decades of experience, craftsmanship and sensibility.