Kimono Bucket Hat, Gold Leaf, Traditional Pattern TABANENOSHI


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This product is unisex.
It is a one-of-a-kind item, made from a single kimono (Black-Tomesode/ Formal Attire).

It features a luxury pattern painted with gold leaf.

The traditional pattern "Tabanenoshi" has the meaning of receiving blessings from many people, and is an auspicious pattern with a wish that happiness will last forever.

We make hats by dry cleaning kimonos, carefully untying the threads, pressing them with steam to make a single piece of fabric, then cutting and sewing each piece one by one while considering the layout (the way the pattern appears).
Handmade by Japanese artisan. Concept


【Product Number: bh100】
Hat measurements (approx.)
Head Circumference 23.6 in or 60 cm
Crown Height 3.2 in or 8cm
Brim Width 2.2 in or 5.5 cm
・Made in Japan
・Gold Leaf
・with Kamon
・Kimono (Silk 100%)/ Lining (Cotton 100%)

Product Care

To remove stains, wet a soft towel with water, wring it out tightly, and then lightly dab the stain before leaving the item to dry in the shade.

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