Kimono Bucket Hat, Traditional Pattern ASANOHA


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This is unisex.

This item is made from a single kimono (Komon).

The traditional Japanese pattern "ASANOHA" has the meaning of good health and amulet.
It has been used for Buddhist image decoration and Kabuki actor's costume since ancient times.

We make hats by dry cleaning kimonos, carefully untying the threads, pressing them with steam to make a single piece of fabric, then cutting and sewing each piece one by one while considering the layout (the way the pattern appears).
All products are handmade by an artisan in Japan.
Concept of Kimono Hat Collection

The products are made from the same single kimono, but the position and direction of the patterns will differ for each finished product.
Sales will end when the fabric stock runs out.


【Product Number; bh59】
Crown Height 3.2 in/ Hat Brim 2.2 in
Circumference M 22.8 in, L 23.6 in
・Made in Japan
・Dyed Pattern
・Kimono (Silk 100%)
・Lining (Cotton 100%)
・Hand Washable

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