Kimono Iki Hat, Vintage Kyoto Yuzen, Dyed Bijinga


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This product is a one-of-a-kind item, made from a very rare kimono fabric manufactured around 1955 by the Kyoto Yuzen maker.
It is made in the manner of real woodblock print that are dyed over and over again.
Ukiyo-e portraying beautiful women is called Bijinga in Japanese.

We make hats by dry cleaning kimonos, carefully untying the threads, pressing them with steam to make a single piece of fabric, then cutting and sewing each piece one by one while considering the layout (the way the pattern appears).

Handmade by Japanese artisan. Concept


【Product Number: mh4】
Approx. Diameter 6.1 in/ Height 1.4 in, 0.6 in
・Made in Japan
・Dyed Pattern
・Vintage Kimono Fabric (Silk 100%)
・Hair clip attachment (similar to those used in wigs)

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