Kimono Beret Tie-dyed (s-kb3)


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This beret is made from "SOU-SHIBORI" kimono, Japanese traditional tie-dyed.
This beret is handmade one by one by a skilled craftsman. Unlike a soft beret, it has fairly firm structure like a bowler hat. (To know more about our Kimono series items, here is our concept of Kimono series)


・FREE SIZE (diameter: 6.1 in, height: 1.8 in)
・Made in Japan
・Kimono (Silk 100%)
・Green color
・Hairband attachment

What is "SOU-SHIBORI"?

SHIBORI is made by a craftsman repeatedly pinching and rolling the fabric, carefully binding each and every grain. The bound areas will not be dyed, creating a SHIBORI pattern. Furthermore, unbinding the fabric after dyeing leaves an uneven three-dimensional texture called “KUKURI-TSUBU (rolling grains),” which is a characteristic texture unique to “SHIBORI.”

After the entire fabric has been bound, it is called "SOU-SHIBORI,” and for a single kimono, there may be 200,000 or more grains. It is normal to spend over a year’s time to produce a high quality "SOU-SHIBORI”.

Each and every grain pinched is extremely precise, making it the most difficult technique for a craftsman. The masterful arrangement of such finely-pinched grains neatly along the entire surface of a kimono continues to newly astound people even today.

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