Antique Kimono Hat in Purple (kh2)


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This hat is made-to-order. It has a thinner profile and slope than the kimono beret, a sharp form. It features a gold accent white rose and a beautiful woven chrysanthemum pattern.
This hat is made from a single kimono. All manufacturing processes are done by hand, from kimono deconstruction to hat production. As soon as the fabric is out of stock, it will be production end.

Manufacture time : 1~2 weeks+delivery date via EMS from Japan.

How to wear : hold a comb in each hand, stick them perpendicularly into your head, and scoop your hair into the hat. (If your hair is too short and the hat starts to slip, try affixing a hairpin to the comb to keep it in place.)


・FREE SIZE (diameter: 6.1 in, height: 1.4 in × 0.6 in)
・Made in Japan
・Antique Kimono (Silk 100%)
・Purple Color
・Comb attachment


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