Made with love for all women who, even in these turbulent modern times, live powerfully.


Kanji and Japanese dragon

Original Kanji and Japanese Dragon

To express the idea of today's "modern woman who lives powerfully," we created an original kanji character to accompany the bold dragon imagery. The Venus symbol for female ♀ is framed with two striking vertical lines above it that represent a samurai "kabuto" helmet and a wavy L-shape stroke for the kanji "shinnyo" that means "to advance." When these elements are combined, they depict a woman who decides to head into battle against the ocean called life. With this dress, we hope to support women finding courage in the face of adversity.


Ink painting dress

Ink Painting Artist TSUYOSHI

The painting for this dress was created by ink painting artist Tsuyoshi (月与志). To express beautiful, feminine and strong, he took great care in every detail - even in the delicate method of holding the brush.


Be a strong woman

This two-way poncho dress features a powerful hand-drawn ink painting print, produced in the hope for all women to realize their own potential.